Zhejiang Jinhua Kedi Technology Co., Ltd.  is a large enterprise with the whole line ofresearching, designing, producing and tr ading. The company's technicians consist 0f professor ofengineering, senior engineer, senior technician and SO on. So we have very strong technology andmanufacturing strength. Dozensof advanced machinery and equipment produces a complete range ofscrubbing machines. Over the years oftough tempering in the market challenges and competitions, weaccumulate lots of production experiencesto satisfy various demands of our customers. We offerexcellent products and great care to our customersand make efforts to introduce various new productswith high quality, reasonable price and perfect service.Not only providing the reliable products, Greatbullalso offer a complete cleaning solution for the customers.We are ISO9001 certified, and we sell ourproducts in accordance with regulations and requirements in placethroughout the world.

A scrubbing machine scrubs, squeegees, and dries the floor, all in one step, allowing the operator tocompletethe job quickly and efficiently. Typically, a scrubbing machine includes two tanks -a solution tankto hold waterand cleaning chemical, and a recovery tank to hold used water. While a scrubbing machine does the same thingas a mop and bucket, the machine finishes the job in less time and gets floorscleaner, because it always usesclean water. Walk-behind floor scrubbing machine is suitable for cleaningmiddle and large area; its cleaning efficiency is 10 times higher than that of tr adition hand work. It is highin cleaning efficiency and operating safety.