Basic knowledge of washing machine ​

Source:Zhejiang Jinhua Kedi Technology Co., Ltd.Release time:2017-02-05

1. What is the function of the scrubber?

Floor scrubber is a cleaning equipment often used in the cleaning industry. Its main function is to clean the ground, dry the ground, and recycle sewage.

2. Which operating areas is the floor scrubber suitable for?

The floor scrubber is a high-tech, high-efficiency cleaning equipment. It is very suitable for cleaning work areas: terrazzo, granite, marble, ceramic tiles, epoxy resin, wear-resistant cement, plastic floors and other hard and weak floors.

3. How to divide the types of scrubbers?

According to the driving mode of the washing machine, there are semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines; according to the style of the washing machine, there are folding, hand-pushing, driving, etc.; according to the diversity of functions, there are disc brush washing Floor machine, roller brush scrubber, scrubber and sweeping machine.

4. Advantages of washing machine

Simple and easy to operate; low maintenance cost; high efficiency and better cleaning effect; saving consumables, labor costs, time (6-40 times faster than labor speed); cleaning large areas, creating profits, and saving costs;

5. What problems does the scrubber mainly solve?

Health and hygiene issues; environmental protection issues; thoroughly clean the ground; improve the level of on-site management; effectively protect the impact of workshop dust on the quality of production equipment and demanding products.